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The Emperor and Empress enjoyed long and satisfying lovemaking throughout their long lives, thanks to their health and high sexual energy.  They practiced exercises using fine jade eggs within the secrecy of their private chambers.  These sexual exercises were the key to sex that lasts for days, with orgasms leading to more orgasms for both partners.  Interested in learning more?  



   Sexual techniques are not hard to learn, and it is never too late or too early to begin.  With a few minutes a day, you can begin a practice that will bring you (and your partner) a lifetime of pleasure.  

These techniques are open to men and women.  Men may attach a silk cord to the Jade Eggs Exercise to perform weightlifting with their genitalia.  This will make his pelvic muscles stronger for deep thrusts that touch the  G-spot.  Men who practice report having multiple orgasms throughout the day, both wet and dry, and ceaseless energy for lovemaking.

With the right tool, the Jade Eggs, a woman can strengthen her love muscles and ensure her long-lasting sexual health, her own pleasure and become the divine Empress of Love for her beloved Emperor.  

How does it work?

 Just playing with the Jade Eggs through techniques in your owner's guide, or making up your own, can be pleasurable and relaxing "exercise", while you are learning the essentials to better love, and tightening and toning your vaginal and lower pelvic floor muscles simultaneously.  

Why is this important?

   Exercise increases blood flow in the area, which leads to a rejuvenation of nerve sensations and ultimately heightens sexual sensation.  You will thus be more sensitive to the G-spot and may experience deep and multiple orgasms even for the first time.  Training with the Jade Eggs teaches you the ability to control the art of giving and receiving pleasure.  Vaginal weighlifting invigorates and tightens the vagina, which will be felt by your male partner's penis, to his great enjoyment.   

Specially designed smooth jade eggs were created to give the Empress her own private way to please the Emperor as well as herself endlessly.  These intimate gyms can now be yours for the most enriching sexual experience of a lifetime. 


You will better be able to feel the G-spot

   Some experts, after thorough training with the Jade Eggs in their various sizes and weights, are able to lift up to 25 pounds with their vaginal muscles. 

   After gaining proficiency in the manipulation of one precious instrument, you may soon learn to manipulate two eggs at once in different directions, creating an exciting vibration when they touch each other.  

Imagine what it will feel like for your partner when he feel your newfound learning stimulating his penis.  
   Doing exercises as a couple can be an intimate and sexy experience, strengthening your bond.   

  This little gem-like tool will enhance the excitement of arousal, as well as the depths of sexual pleasure for you and your partner. It is truly enjoyable  to exercise with a beautiful and advanced tool devoted to Love.







Jade Eggs


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