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We are now learning to incorporate the ancient wisdom of other cultures, by opening ourselves to the best practices around the world.  The ancient and advanced Chinese civilization has offered us many treasures such as acupuncture, martial arts, and Buddhism.  
   The use of precious stone eggs to exercise the vaginal muscles was a well-guarded technique of the Empress and concubines of the Emperor of ancient China.  We are lucky to live in times such as these when the most beneficial practices of the privileged few, can be practiced by us today, in our own homes. 


   The ancient and wise Chinese civilization regarded the sexual organs as the center of health. 
   The over 2000 year old practice of using polished stone eggs to exercise the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles was the Empress’ own secret to living a youthful and long sexual life. 
   Only the women who were to become the Empress or concubines of the Emperor, were taught the esteemed use of precious polished stones to train and tone their vaginal muscles to reach the heights of giving and receiving orgasmic pleasure. 
   Some experts are able to lift up to 25 pounds with their vaginal and pelvic muscles, after thorough training with eggs of various sizes and weights


   A woman using the Jade Eggs will heighten her sexual sensitivity, gain control and virtuosity over this very essential part of the body for enhanced lovemaking both for her and her partner.  She will learn to experience the heights of orgasm.  

   Techniques described in the owner's manual teach you how to manipulate one egg up and down, with which you can then learn to perform weightlifting, move two eggs in opposite directions, touching them to create an exciting vibration.  
   Well designed, the Jade Eggs, come with a drilled hole to enable you to attach weights and gently learn vaginal weightlifting, which invigorates all the sexual organs.  
Imagine the intense stimulation you can give your partner when you practice your newfound learning on his penis.  Experience with the Jade Eggs will increase sexual energy, and add to the excitement of arousal and the depth of orgasm. 

  Enjoying your own skills in lovemaking will increase pleasure for you and your partner.  It may be exciting to practice techniques together.  By exercising together, you can both feel the benefits and enjoy even more.

  Men may weightlift with their genitalia by attaching a silk cord to the drilled Jade Eggs.  This exercise greatly invigorates his lovemaking energy, capacity for orgasms, and the strength of his pelvic thrusts.

  It could well be the Chinese secret to eternal youthfulness for women… those who practiced these esteemed techniques experienced very good physical health, with their sexual organs as resilient as those of a young woman, and were able to live long, tonic lives.  
   Training with the Jade Eggs Exercise
invigorates sexual organs, heals stretching and damage from childbirth.  It rejuvenates the sexual organs while invigorating the natural flow of essential hormones, contributing to delayed aging and younger skin, truly a secret to better sex and long life.





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